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Hi! I’m Nadya Andreeva. I understand what it’s like to be newly pregnant and overwhelmed with information.

After I first saw my positive pregnancy test result, I read “What To Expect When You’re Expecting.” Gulp. That book only fed my anxiety. I had no interest in experiencing the laundry list of ailments that most of the existing resources called “normal” during pregnancy. I knew that there had to be another way.

When I was 22 years old, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I had just completed my Master’s program at NYU. Working around the clock, fueled by double caramel macchiatos and vegan brownies, I was over-caffeinated and stressed. I was pushing my body to pursue my career, assuming that my body had no limit.

I didn’t realize that my eczema, chronic digestive issues and sugar addiction were warning signals that I was pushing my body too hard. When my doctor suggested that I begin taking hormonal pills to manage my cycle, I knew it was time to take responsibility for my health.

It didn’t happen overnight, but my health improved. After a year of daily commitment to self-care, I saw results. That was the turning point for me, and this is why I am so passionate about supporting other women on their journey to wellness. Over the following decade, I dedicated my life to studying and researching digestion, functional nutrition, Ayurveda and positive psychology.

I created a blog called “Spinach and Yoga,” and committed to writing regular content that supported women on their journey to wellness. The blog was a big success. As a certified wellness coach, I have frequently been asked to appear as an expert in numerous other publications, including Women’s Health, Yoga Journal, Glamour, Huffington Post, Marie Claire and others.

While working one-on-one with numerous clients across the world, it was becoming clear to me that most women were struggling in their relationships with food instead of seeing food as a source of nourishment, medicine and joy. But, while I was able to help the women with whom I was working one-on-one, I really wanted my message to be seen by many more women. So, I started creating online programs aimed at improving digestion health, overcoming emotional eating and meal planning.

My online programs have helped over 25,000 women around the world to optimize their nutrition, increase energy and vitality. At the urging of some of my clients, I decided to write a book called “Happy Belly, a Woman’s Guide To Feeling Vibrant Light and Balanced,” which has become a best-seller on Amazon.

After my husband and I decided to raise a family, I looked at the possible “normal” ailments pregnancy would likely bring me, and I chose a different path. I assembled experts on prenatal nutrition, genetics, conscious partner birth, obstetrics and Ayurveda. I started a community online where I could share this information with other like-minded moms and I was surprised by the interest -- our group grew to 3,000 moms-to-be in just a few months, and it became very clear that most women lacked the necessary information to make the right decisions about the health of their babies.

Portrait of Nadya

Now, after two pregnancies, I have dedicated my time to creating the Happy Belly Pregnancy Program. Together with 20 experts, the Happy Belly Pregnancy Program was designed to help moms-to-be feel centered, balanced and supported during their transition into motherhood without an overload of information or anxiety-inducing scenarios.

I believe that every woman deserves to feel the magic of having a beautiful pregnancy experience and an empowering birth. Glowing skin, lush hair, the joy of carrying a child, increased libido (in the second trimester) and soft, mindful energy of the third trimester are all fun gifts of pregnancy that every woman deserves to experience.

But all of this magic is the result of lifestyle and nutritional choices we make long before pregnancy and while pregnant. It does not happen on its own.

I look forward to having you join the Happy Belly Pregnancy Program to create a generation of healthier babies.

Nadya Andreeva