"After going through the Happy Belly Pregnancy Program, I felt more in control of my pregnancy. With a genetic predisposition to gestational diabetes, my doctor insisted on using insulin. However, with a continuous blood sugar monitor that Nadya recommended, I was able to avoid unnecessary induction and was able to keep my sugar at bay. My beautiful girl was born via natural birth and at a perfect weight. Thank you Nadya for all of your advice and help!"

— Oksana Dinh

"Wow. I feel like I took a college course on pregnancy! I consider myself to be a health nut, even though diabetes runs in my family. Having this information and being able to make tweaks to my diet gave me so much peace of mind and sense of accomplishment. I learned so much that I didn't know during my first pregnancy, which helped me level out my blood sugar, and learn which foods to avoid. This program makes you feel like you have a best friend in every step of the way. Thank you Nadya!"

— Cyndi Perera

"I have to say I completely fell in love with the program’s creator, Nadya. Her approach and delivery of all of the lessons is so rare and it would be beneficial to every pregnant woman. Every single video, every single expert interview is so full of high-quality information on every subject. I am now pregnant with my second baby and I wish I knew everything I am learning now during my first pregnancy. My favorite modules were about pregnancy superfoods, foods to avoid and cravings during pregnancy. Module 6, which had simple every-day exercises to support digestion, was a lifesaver for me. This is a course that you can watch again and again and every single time pick out something new and important. If you’re a modern mom and you truly care about yours and your baby’s health, I advise you to take this course as soon as possible."

— Elena Yuz

"This course has empowered me so much more than any prenatal practitioner. I feel like I have the tools and knowledge to nourish both my baby's developing body and brain as well as my body to be the best Mom I can be. I feel great, my energy levels are sustained throughout the day, I sleep well and I have that beautiful pregnancy glow which I often get complimented on. The way Nadya presents the course material is so nurturing, covering every aspect of each trimester from nutrition to emotional balance. She truly understands how hectic life is and includes practical guidance. I like to refer to Nadya as my "pregnancy whisperer." I've learned so much from this course, and having access to recipes for delicious nutrient-dense meals for my family (kid approved) is a huge bonus that I know I will be adding to my wellness toolbox well after my pregnancy. Thank you Nadya for sharing this knowledge with me!"

— Jennifer Evans

"Nadya Andreeva's Happy Belly Pregnancy Programs is the absolute best and most comprehensive course on pregnancy, nutrition, supplementation and overall on "how to make healthy and happy babies" out there. It's not even the abundance of scientifically proven and reliable information that makes it so special, but the extra resources in each module - interviews with experts, bonus sheets with all the nutrients and recommended supplement brands, as well as super convenient downloadable workbook materials - that all together makes you feel calm, confident, and super knowledgeable about every step you make in pregnancy. On top of it, the support you get from Nadya herself and her team is second to none. Thank you, Nadya, for making me feel so much more at peace while choosing the best for myself and my future baby. Highly recommend this course to everyone planning to become a mother!"

— Daria Zvi