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Here is what you will learn, module by module:


You are Pregnant. Now What?

  • How to use the program as a support tool during pregnancy.
  • Effective ways to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy and how to manage intense emotions with more ease and grace.
  • When to announce your pregnancy.
  • How to ensure that you are getting sufficient nutrients during pregnancy.
  • Why nutrition during pregnancy matters for the health and development of the baby and postpartum recovery of the mother.

Carbs, Protein, Fats, Fiber and Fluids

  • How to balance blood sugar during pregnancy while consuming the right types of carbohydrates.
  • The best sources of carbs and those you should try to avoid.
  • The importance of proper timing of carbohydrate consumption during the day and optimal order of foods in a meal – something that you will never hear about in the doctor’s office or even read about in most books on nutrition.
  • Why consuming fat does not make us gain weight or negatively impact our health if we choose the right types of fats.
  • The role of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, K, E and how to obtain enough of them through nourishing foods.
  • The best sources of protein during pregnancy and how much protein you need during each trimester.
  • Why not all proteins are created equal and how to improve protein digestion, since digestion changes during pregnancy.
  • How to use fiber to feed our gut bacteria and create a healthy microbiome for the child all while optimizing your own blood sugar, regulating elimination, preventing constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • The best sources of fiber for pregnancy.
  • All about liquids and liquid needs during pregnancy.

Foods To Focus On And Foods To Avoid

  • How to get the most nutrients by focusing on pregnancy superfoods in each meal, without overdoing it with empty calories.
  • Can you actually get all vitamins and minerals from food alone and what does it look like on a plate?
  • Foods to avoid during pregnancy and why. Is avoiding runny eggs, soft cheeses, unpasteurized dairy, and coffee justified?
  • Harmful foods to avoid during pregnancy.
  • How to avoid nutritional deficiencies including but not limited to: Iron, Choline, Glycine, Vitamins A, B12 and K2, DHA, Zinc and protein if you are on a mostly plant-based diet.
  • Where to get much needed nutrients if you like to maintain a vegan lifestyle.
  • Why we experience cravings and what they mean.
  • An effective method of decoding cravings and how to proceed if a particular craving persists.
  • How to honor your body’s needs without restrictions and/or self-sabotaging behaviors with guilty-pleasure foods.
  • How to create a more balanced relationship with food during pregnancy and beyond.
  • What to do if you experience food aversions to healthy foods and why this occurs during pregnancy.
  • How to ensure the intake of necessary nutrients even if nutrient-dense foods, such as eggs, fish or meat are completely off the table.

Nutrition: Practical Aspects. Meal Planning

  • How to plan a healthy menu, which is realistic and affordable even on the busiest of days.
  • The secrets of meal planning that save time and money.
  • What are the optimal carb, protein, and fat ratios for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • How to use the Healthy Plate Method to make each meal balanced, while ensuring a stable, healthy blood sugar response and obtaining enough vitamins and minerals.
  • A step-by-step approach to improving meals without restrictions or strict dieting.

Supporting Your Body During Pregnancy – Physically

  • How to support your body throughout your pregnancy physically and prevent conditions ranging from fatigue to constipation, weak immune system, high blood pressure and others, using nutritional strategies, herbs and a change in lifestyle habits.
  • How to minimize morning sickness and why it occurs.
  • What foods will trigger nausea.
  • Which vitamins and minerals can be used to alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness.
  • What tests are recommended for you during pregnancy and why, as well as which blood tests you can ask for additionally.
  • How to interpret blood test results so there is no room for confusion.
  • Learn about the upcoming changes in the body, including weight gain. Understand how the weight gain is distributed and how it progresses.
  • Effective strategies to manage weight gain without feeling stressed.
  • How to support digestion during pregnancy, including during bloating, heaviness after meals, constipation, and heartburn.
  • How to choose appropriate exercise during your pregnancy and some exercise recommendations. What specifically to look out for to avoid injury.
  • Ways to be proactive about preventing pelvic floor issues, such as hemorrhoids, prolapse, and incontinence.

Supporting Your Body During Pregnancy – Emotionally

  • How to manage stress levels, since cortisol can be passed through to the baby and influence his or her development and health outcomes.
  • What is the vagus nerve, its role in stress resilience and how to optimize its work. How diet and stress are related.
  • How to find harmony in your relationship with food so you don’t waste energy on overeating, feeling guilty, struggling with cravings or regretting impulsive choices during periods of stress or fatigue.

Herbal Support and Supplements

  • How to choose the best prenatal supplements on the market.
  • How to read labels, which forms of vitamins to look for and how much of each micronutrient your prenatal should contain.
  • Whether taking prenatal vitamins is sufficient or whether there is a need for additional supplementation.
  • How to best stock your kitchen cabinet with herbs that are totally safe to use during pregnancy.

Preparing for an Empowering Birth

  • How to prepare for an empowered birth, release fears and understand how hormones influence labor.
  • How to choose a dream team for birth that supports you along the way and provides guidance if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Orgasmic or Ecstatic Birth — what it is and how to invite more pleasure into your birth experience.
  • Which hormones are released for labor and what needs to be in place for this process to work as nature intended.
  • Obstacles for entering the necessary mental state for labor and ideal environments as well as hindrances for a birth.
  • Empowering wisdom to help you achieve your goals for your preferred birth experience despite common push back from friends, family or practitioners.

Postpartum, Toxins, and More

  • How to avoid excessive toxins exposure in cooking pans, storage containers, drinking water bottles, cleaning supplies, body care, and makeup.
  • A postpartum plan that allows YOU to savour the special bonding time with the baby and heal.
  • How to avoid the most common physical issues women tend to combat in postpartum life: fatigue, nutrient deficiency, postpartum depression, thyroid issues, impaired healing and pelvic floor issues.

The Happy Belly Pregnancy Program has taken over 2 years to build.

It contains 33 videos across 9 modules as well as over 60 downloads!

Here’s just a sample of the documents that will be available to you once you activate your account:

Essential Vitamins

This document covers the role of each nutrient for the health of the mother and the baby. You will learn the difference between fat- and water-soluble nutrients, recommended requirements of each nutrient during pregnancy and nuances about their absorption along with specific conditions that need to be met to prevent deficiencies. You will be able to identify the best real food sources of each nutrient and have a clear understanding on how to optimize your daily meals for maximum health benefits.

Pregnancy Conditions

Pregnancy is a beautiful and special time in the life of any woman. However, for many, it comes with certain discomforts or imbalances in the body. Many of these discomforts can be managed with natural remedies. Whether it’s fatigue, constipation, foot swelling, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, insomnia or anxiety, muscle cramps, or other issues, we explain why each pregnancy condition happens and cover lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation and herbal protocols to alleviate them all.

Meal Plans for Each Trimester

Learn time saving tips for cooking and planning meals that you can use during pregnancy and beyond. You will find 7 super versatile nutrient-dense recipes that you can add to your weekly menu and change up the flavors based on your preferences.

Happy Belly Pregnancy meal plans are based on the idea that food can be our medicine. Whether you have time to spend in the kitchen or limited time to cook, this handout will teach you particular superfoods to focus on, nutrients that your body needs more of and ways to use food to combat common complaints like fatigue, constipation or morning sickness. You’ll also get a handy shopping list as well as a guide on how to keep organic shopping affordable.

Herbs In Pregnancy

Proper use of herbs during pregnancy can help support your body and make the experience of pregnancy a lot more joyful. In this handout, you will learn how to best stock your cabinet with herbs that are totally safe to use during pregnancy, which herbs are borderline safe, and which must be avoided entirely. You’ll find recommendations for herbs, tinctures and teas that may aid with over 20 common pregnancy conditions, created by Sonia Massoco, a master herbalist who has worked privately with hundreds of pregnant women. In particular, you’ll learn how to support your body during a common cold, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, headaches, morning sickness, high blood pressure, UTIs, labor and during postpartum recovery.

Pregnancy Superfoods

Since our micronutrient needs increase significantly during pregnancy while caloric needs stay about the same, it’s important to focus on nutrient-packed foods that offer an array of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. This is a visual guide on the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet that support fertility, healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery. You will learn 20 pregnancy superfoods, how to cook them and include them in your diet. Understanding how to maximize vitamins and minerals from every serving is key, and this guide will show you how to do just that.

Blood Work and Additional Testing

Preventative measures and health optimization are not currently the focus of conventional modern medicine. The typical approach is to treat symptoms as they appear, rather than prevent them from occurring in the first place. This document will help you understand what tests are recommended and why. Other than routine tests, you will learn which additional tests you should be asking your provider for to catch nutritional deficiencies, thyroid problems or low iron before they become a problem. We also go into detail on how to prepare for blood work and what to do the day of the test. There’s also an easy-to-use table with optimal levels for thyroid, iron, Vitamin D, Zinc, blood sugar and much more. This resource will help you ask educated questions and identify red flags before they become a problem.

Vegan and Vegetarian Needs

Ensuring sufficient nutrient intake while on a predominantly plant-based diet is key. Strict vegan diets, if not carefully planned and additionally supplemented may put mothers at risk of numerous deficiencies, including, but not limited to: Iron, Choline, Glycine, Vitamins A, B12, K2, HDA, Zinc and protein. You will learn how to prevent these deficiencies while staying true to your ethical choices. You will also learn nuances about cooking methods that will help reduce the effects of antinutrients present in legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, while improving the absorption rate of minerals, such as Iron, Zinc, and Calcium.

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